All Blogging Platforms are Flawed in Major Ways... Enter Ghost

I have personally tried almost all of the popular blogging platforms out there.  Polyglot Programmer has been hosted on, self hosted on WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous, and Blogger.  The only platform that supports Markdown 100% is Tumblr.  Tumblr doesn't have any good analytics.  Tumblr lacks the ability to show a simple list of all blog posts by date.  Blogger, being owned by Google, has great analytics but in a major pain in the butt to customize the theme.  Blogger doesn't support Markdown and is terrible at formatting when switching between html and compose mode.  WordPress is a just a cluster as it has become a CMS engine and not a blogging engine.  WordPress can have decent analytics with Google Analytics but it doesn't support Markdown easily

Ghost is KickStarter backed project by a former heavy hitter at WordPress.  It supports Markdown and has a great dashboard with analytics built in.  The post writer looks great from the screenshots and it reminds by of the markdown editors I use regularly on my mac.  I know how to write JavaScript much better than I know how to write Php, as do millions of other people, so writing custom plugins will be a breeze.  This looks very exciting.  A cannot believe so many of the "major" blogging platforms are such a pain to use. I am looking forward to trying Ghost once it becomes available.