Bash for Everyone

I have been using the bash shell increasingly on my macbook pro to get stuff done. I haven't used the power of the bash shell extensively since college. Here is a fun Bash kata.

For Fun (mac only)

> say -v zarvox 'All your base belong to us'

Who am I?

> whoami

Am I running Bash?

> echo $BASH

Really... what is Bash?

> whatis bash

Okay... where is Bash?

> whereis bash

Where am I?

> pwd


Bash is designed so your hands stay on the keyboard. You can move the prompt around without using the arrow keys.

ctrl + a - begining of line
ctrl + e - 'E'nd of line

ctrl + f - 'F'orward
ctrl + b - 'B'ack

Files and Directories

Make a folder called badguys

> mkdir badguys

Change to folder

> cd badguys

Create a text file

> touch mbison.txt

Add some text to the file

> echo 'Leader of the bad guys' > mbison.txt

See the contents of the file

> cat mbison.txt

Create several bad guys at once

> touch sagat.txt zangief.txt akuma.txt

Add more descriptions

> echo 'thai kick boxer' > sagat.txt
> echo 'russian wrestler' > zangief.txt

Searching for Text

> grep thai