The Best Parts of the Web: Post #1

I have been doing web application development since 2000. During my journey I have used cgi scripts, ASP, and ASP .NET to develop my websites. The one issue I always had was a deep loathing for JavaScript due to the languages quirks and how the browsers implement things differently which isn't really JavaScript's fault but it gets the blame nonetheless since it's being used when doing client-side scripting. Then along comes jQuery. JQuery is a fundamental rule changer for the web. It wraps all the annoying things about dealing with browsers through JavaScript in a nifty small package. JQuery is one of the top ...web technologies“ in the last couple of years. According to the jQuery website it came into existence in 2006. Every once in a while you see a technology, such as jQuery, and you wish that you had come up with it. John Resig, the creator of jQuery, has made an amazing tool that succinctly wraps interacting with the web browser using JavaScript. JavaScript browser programming drops orders of magnitude in difficulty when using jQuery versus hand-coded JavaScript . I am going to donate $10 to the jQuery team. I admittedly have never donated money to any free/open source software project but jQuery is that good.